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#88 Ocean Wonderland

This ocean-themed bouncy castle brings the wonders of the sea to life for children to enjoy. Featuring vibrant colors and playful sea creatures like fish, whale, and octopus, this bouncy castle creates an immersive underwater experience.

5.2 L x 5.1 W x 2.3 H m  
Ages: 1-10 yrs  
$2650/3 hrs

(3 hrs between 10:00am to 6:30pm,

please contact us for party time outside of this period)

Please allow at least 0.5m spacing on each side when setup

Recommended crowd size:

12 five years old kids

Set-up and dismantling outside rental period. Delivery cost please see here.

#88 Ocean Wonderland 1_edited.jpg
#88 Ocean Wonderland 4 | Bouncy Castle


#88 Ocean Wonderland 1 | Bouncy Castle


#88 Ocean  Wonderland 2 | Bouncy Castle

Shark Slide 

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